Digital Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Cartoon - Digital Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

I recently came across this digital marketing strategy vs tactics cartoon which illustrates perfectly the dangers of getting swept up by technology at the expense of the strategy you are trying to follow and the message you are trying to convey.

Many companies still believe they must have the latest digital shiny toy just because everyone else seems to have one. A good example is mobile apps which everyone seems to be falling over themselves to develop.  To me this is a simple case of the technology leading the message or the tail wagging the dog. Any marketer will tell you that the starting point is to craft a message that meets the needs of the customer and then to communicate it through channels that they use. If mobile apps is an appropriate channel then great but if not don’t waste your money!

Tactics on their own are useless without a digital marketing strategy to tie them together. If you have a clear and coherent strategy that answers the questions - who are our target customers - what is the message we want to convey to them – how and where are we going to do it - you are then in a strong position to identify the digital channels that are right for your business and not simply in vogue.

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