New website for Haworth Castings with video home page

At the beginning of January we launched the new Haworth Castings website. Built on Squarespace the new and improved modern website is the latest stage of Haworth Castings objective to generate enquiries from larger, tier 2 component suppliers. The idea was to create a site that feels both modern and corporate and renders beautifully across all screens and devices.

Our main design objective was to make a larger tier 2 supplier feel like they were looking in the mirror when arriving on the Haworth Casting website.

The new site differentiates Haworth Castings from their competition with its modern professional design and showcases their single source casting, machining and finishing capabilities. It features all the elements that Waypoint delivers and that we believe are essential to holding visitors attention and driving enquiries. These are detailed below.


Through the leading edge video home page, Haworth Castings are able to show off both the foundry and the machine shop at work. 

Calls to action

Calls to action are clearly highlighted. Request a Quote is located right at the top of the website and continually throughout all pages to make locating it simple and straightforward.


Well written, technical continent is evident throughout all pages and blogs, showing off Haworth Castings' experience and expertise whilst reinforcing the company’s credibility and professionalism.


Animation and video are used to demonstrate technical expertise and act as a visual aid to illustrate how castings are manufactured, machined and finished.


Stunning photography of the Haworth Castings employees, machinery and finished castings add an approachable quality to a professional site.

We hope you like the site which can be found at

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