How to showcase a diverse range of services in one marketing piece

Marketing Directory

Earlier this year, our client, Strictly Education set us a challenge. Strictly Education asked us to showcase the huge range of services they have available in one marketing piece.

As a service provider to Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), Academies and schools, Strictly Education provides a very diverse offering. From payroll and finance services to premises support they provide schools with a wide range of behind the scene services to help schools run smoothly and efficiently.

In 2019 more services came under the Strictly Education offering following the acquisition of Babcock 4S. As such there had never been a better time to showcase the entire range of services available to customers and prospects to show that Strictly Education have never been in a better place to deliver their mission “you educate, we support”.

Waypoint’s task was to showcase the breadth of services in a way that made it easy for customers to understand what was available but most importantly how this will ultimately benefit children in their schools.

Our solution was to create a complete directory, which was mailed and emailed to customers and prospects. Services were classified into one of Strictly Education’s 4 core business areas and navigation of the 100 plus pages made easy for the user with a clear layout, strong imagery, and benefit driven copy.

In short, we were responsible for:

  • Copy editing

  • Design & artwork'

  • Images selection’

  • Ad creation

Strictly Education’s mission is to help support school front line staff in providing the best outcomes for children. The Directory shows how Strictly Education can do this from helping more children claim school meals to having a robust IT strategy that enables teachers to inspire children in lessons through the use of technology.

The Directory, successfully promotes over 50 wide ranging services, whilst having a cohesive look and feel making it easy for the customer to see what is on offer and more importantly purchase services from all areas of the business.

Acting as our clients outsourced marketing team, our mission is to be faster, nimbler and more cost-effective than the traditional headcount heavy marketing agency. If you would like to Waypoint to help you with an aspect of your marketing strategy then please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.