We just got a secret weapon…. meet the newest member of the team, AI

5 February 2024

Louise Wilson

Account Director
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At Waypoint, we’ve recently welcomed a new team member unlike any other. Right from the outset this was easy, no advertising for the role, no drawn out interview process and no contracts to negotiate over. This team member came on board within minutes as they didn’t even need a lengthy onboarding process.

So, to the formal introduction, their chosen pronouns are they / them, and as yet they don’t have a nickname. So who is this new team member? – an AI, specifically ChatGPT. Our new kid marks a significant shift in how we approach content creation, and we’re excited to share our journey, complete with its ups and downs, with our clients.

The team member who never needs a coffee break

ChatGPT, our AI team member, is extraordinary in their own right. Unlike the rest of us, AI doesn’t require welcome drinks or participate in team nights out, they’re a different kind of colleague. No danger of a clandestine office relationship or sloping off for a long lunch, this one is just here to work – they are always focused and ready to help.

Revolutionising work with speed and efficiency

Clients nearly always want quick turnarounds and the most remarkable upside to having ChatGPT on our team is its speed and efficiency. They can help with blog drafts, marketing copy, and data analysis at a pace that’s humanly impossible to match. This efficiency doesn’t just speed up our processes; it allows the rest of the team to focus on creative and strategic tasks that require a human touch.



Although this new team member doesn’t need much looking after, they do need training. One interesting challenge we’ve faced is training our AI to switch from American to British spellings, we constantly have to knock those pesky zs out of them – it’s like teaching an old dog new tricks! Knocking out zs is relatively easy, it is more challenging to create work using AI that reflect the brand and tone of voice for each of our clients. At the moment chatGPT can tend to like quite salesy and flowery language which doesn’t sit comfortably with most of our clients’ style. We want to produce authentic content and although this team member is brilliant in many ways at the moment, this training requirement will be a regular one.

The really good news is that most of the training isn’t down to us. All AI tools are constantly being improved and optimised by a legion of developers. So yes, we do a little bit of training but in reality most of the continuous improvement is done by others and we just get the benefit. To be fair, it’s the rest of the team that need upskilling to really get the best out of our new colleague!


A collaborative and interactive experience

Our relationship with AI is more interactive and dynamic than you might expect. We create prompts giving clear directions, yet we also encourage ChatGPT to ask us questions to ensure we are addressing the concerns of the target audience, bringing in client strengths and services to make the work compelling. We also ask ChatGPT to evaluate their own work, critique themself on a number of criteria and suggest improvements, which we then have the power to accept or reject (without hurting any feelings!). There’s a unique satisfaction in asking for revisions without worrying about sighs or eye rolls. So helpful is this team member that I often catch myself using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, a habit that I can’t quite kick. It makes makes me smile when I catch myself being unnecessarily polite!


Exceptional value and reliability

What makes ChatGPT an even more remarkable team member is their incredible value. For just $20 per month, we have a reliable, efficient super hero at our disposal. ChatGPT doesn’t come with an ego, so even better we get to keep the glory and recognition, they really are the unsung hero. Plus, there are no concerns about sick days, hangovers or, holidays – they are always there, ready to support the team.


Transparency with clients

In our commitment to transparency, we openly share with our clients the integral role of AI in our content creation and strategy processes. Our clients, who are often leaders and innovators in their respective fields, not only appreciate this openness but also expect us to be at the forefront of technological advancements. They understand that embracing change, particularly in the form of AI like ChatGPT, is essential in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. By integrating AI into our operations, we’re not just keeping up with the times; we’re actively seeking new ways to deliver exceptional value and cutting-edge solutions.


The future is collaborative

Our journey with AI is just beginning. ChatGPT is just one of the many AI tools we use; it’s a team member that enhances our capabilities. As we continue to integrate AI into our workflows, we’re excited to see how it will further transform the way we work and the successes we can achieve for our clients.

Soon we’ll be saying behind every great campaign is a great marketer and behind every great marketer is great AI.

Give us a call to talk about how AI can help your marketing. You can reach us on 01962 862760 or info@waypointdigitalmarketing.com.

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