Marketing is a quest for people’s attention.
— Seth Godin

do I need a social media strategy?

The answer is yes if your prospects and customers are discussing and sharing information connected to your product via social media channels.  Some business to consumer (B2C) companies employ teams of people to listen to online forums and conversations and interject where suitable. For most business to business (B2B) companies the best way to use social media is to use it as the mouthpiece of your inbound content marketing in order to boost your search engine rankings, realize more website traffic and generate more leads.

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Engaging with prospects and customers via social media channels is less about selling, and more about building and nurturing relationships through the provision of informative and relevant content. Facebook is suitable if you are marketing directly to consumers. For B2B companies Linkedin is important whilst Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube all play a role in staying in touch with your customers and prospects online. By regularly publishing content, participating in groups and re-publishing the information of others you will quickly build a following and generate leads.

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