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5 reasons you should grow your business with LinkedIn in 2021

7 May 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

With 722 million members, LinkedIn has come into its own as a powerful marketing tool. This professional networking platform is all about expanding your marketing footprint by making new business connections, establishing your reputation in your industry by sharing informative content, and employing the right people to help you move your business forward.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s good to understand why it’s such a valuable platform and how it can help your business grow in 2021.

Unlocking the power of LinkedIn

  1. Member engagement is stronger than ever

    With employees and business owners working from home, 2020 has seen an unprecedented increase in LinkedIn conversations (up by 55%), live video streams (up by 437%) and content creation (up by 60%). In 2021 this data offers you the assurance and opportunity to spring into action and deliver a stronger engagement strategy on LinkedIn.

  2. Employees can boost your brand reputation

    Employees should always be an important part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. A staggering 30% of a company’s engagement on LinkedIn comes from its own employees. Why not implement this quick and cost-effective way to share your curated content and boost your brand reputation.

  3. LinkedIn voted most trusted social platform by Business Insider

    According to LinkedIn Research 46% of social traffic to your company comes from LinkedIn. This means that members are turning to this platform to find and share quality user-generated content that is perceived as honest and valuable.

  4. Advertising on LinkedIn is growing rapidly

    With 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn driving business decisions, LinkedIn Ads can offer you a powerful advertising platform to run targeted campaigns around clearly defined goals such as brand awareness, lead generation and engagement and reach the people who can make those all-important buying decisions.

  5.  LinkedIn Live drives more engagement for your brand

    LinkedIn Live offers an active and professional way to build deeper connections and drive more engagement to your brand. With 7 x more reactions and 24 x more comments than normal video content, this live stream content platform can help you launch new products, demonstrate expertise and showcase your brand to your audience.

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