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5 Ways to boost your Instagram presence

22 October 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

It’s no secret that Instagram is a valuable social marketing tool to build your digital marketing strategy. It provides the perfect opportunity to humanise your brand, build a visual identity, showcase products and generate new business.

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As the platform continues to grow and develop more interactive features, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the fundamentals of Instagram marketing and know how to continually optimize your profile with engaging content.

In summary we believe the 5 most important elements are as follows:

1.       Build a great profile

Customize your Instagram profile to make it look good, tell your potential followers who you are, and give them a reason to follow you. Instagram is all about the visuals. Be sure to use interesting and attention-grabbing photos.

2.       Post guidelines

You want to keep text to a minimum and focus more on quality photos. Instagram offers filters to edit your photos before you post. Videos are great way to drive traffic and make sure to use the power of ‘relevant’ hashtags and emojis to increase your chances of being discovered.

3.       Following

Unlike other social media platform, it is harder to be found organically. Hashtags are the best way to your content out there and in front of the right audience. Encourage followers to tag you in photos and use location to give your brand more exposure.

4.       Create a brand

By combining instant stories and hashtags, you can reach an entirely new audience and grow your following organically in no time. Use Stories to showcase user-generated content and show your followers the personality behind the brand. Make sure to research new and relevant hashtags, create engaging content and post consistently.

5.       Engagement

Engagement is a fundamental part of Instagram so don’t forget to respond to comments on your posts. If you have been tagged in an image, pay-it-forward by reposting and commenting on the original image. This way you expose your brand to a new audience and potentially increase your following.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for businesses. To get the most out of it, businesses need to embrace it fully by diving into the different features enthusiastically, posting different types of content regularly, and engaging with their audience.

For more information on how to boost your engagement on Instagram, contact us for our ebook on the subject.  Alternatively, if you would like Waypoint to help you conquer your social media strategy then please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.

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