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A new brand identity for Alaster Anderson

28 April 2020

Adam Richards

Managing Director

In a competitive market, a unique positioning and brand identity is critical to success.

Our client, Alaster Anderson faced such a challenge. Having worked in the garden design and landscaping business for years they were keen to review the business to give them a competitive edge in today’s market.

A google search for garden designers in the South East will turn up thousands of companies, frankly it’s a jungle out there!


Our Role

Our role was to help them with a review of the business, their expertise and the market, pinpointing what gets them excited and identifying what their clients are really looking for.

Through a series of workshops, two themes that Alaster and the team felt passionate about were identified. The first is their passion for plants this covers everything from, planting design and planning, plant specification and sourcing, to plant failure analysis. The second, is their commitment to sustainability which informs all their thinking.


We agreed their positioning should be Alaster Anderson, The Planting Experts. Their passion and expertise support this and importantly architects, garden designers and end clients that they work with all have a need for.

A new brand look and feel were developed to bring this to life, the creative is developed around a contemporary interpretation of their favourite plant.

Re-branded / new items included:

  • Business cards

  • Letterheads

  • Email signatures

  • Brochure

  • Website

An initial mailing (all on recycled stock) to London garden designers has seen success, with a follow-up telemarketing campaign securing appointments with 20% of those mailed.

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