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A new website for Strictly Education!

16 February 2017

Adam Richards

Managing Director


Strictly Education engaged Waypoint in 2013 to establish a clear marketing strategy and drive new enquiries.

This initial work was successful with new enquiries growing by 12% and website visits by 36% in 2014.

Read the Strictly Education case study.

Since then we have acted as their outsourced marketing team providing both strategic and operational support across a wide range of digital and non-digital channels.

In January 2016, we recommended that a new website was built.

The existing site was non-responsive, meaning that it was not legible on smaller screen sizes. This was inhibiting lead generation and was also adversely affecting rankings on the main search engines.

We started building the site in November 2016 and launched it on 20th January 2017, completing in just three months what was by far the most ambitious project we have carried out to date.

The new site communicates Strictly Education’s positioning as the UK’s leading education specific provider of professional services and solutions to schools, academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs).

At the core of this positioning is developing strong partnership with schools that are based as much on the transfer of knowledge and expertise as they are the provision of nuts and bolts services.

A new website was therefore required to showcase not only the services Strictly Education offer, but the solutions and knowledge base that surrounds them.

It is therefore very content rich and designed to enable school leaders to quickly access useful information and guidance, and features an innovate dynamic information wheel on the home page.


We also built a Knowledge Centre which acts as a library of useful, topical and relevant information to all school leaders who want to improve the efficiency and performance of their organisation.

School leaders can sign-up and be sent a collection of the latest articles direct to their inbox.

The new website was built on a system called Squarespace.

A key advantage of using Squarespace is that it is developed in a controlled secure environment. This means that, unlike other website platforms it does not rely on third-party plugins which often bring viruses with them when not kept up to date.

Another benefit is that it is always hosted which means that it is always kept up to date with new developments. ie. you will stop being invited to upgrade to the latest theme/platform as you are always on the latest platform

Finally, it already has integrations built in with numerous very powerful platforms including G Suite, Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter and many, many more.

We hope you like the new website and can see the many areas where we can offer support.

Waypoint is a Winchester marketing company specialising in delivering marketing strategy, content development and lead generation. For more information please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.

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