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Awareness you just can’t buy

23 April 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Cuthbert is the man of the hour, or should I say caterpillar. He’s been in the paper, on This Morning, every news channel and is responsible for a lot of the social chitchat this week.

Most companies faced with a lawsuit from a FTSE 250 company, would retreat and be quiet rather than ramp the conversation up. Aldi however, have stuck with their challenger brand approach and have come out fighting with humour.

In one corner we have Colin who has been around for about 30 years, in the other corner we have Cuthbert who sounds more like a young knight of the realm ready to leap into today’s war albeit on twitter.

The prize? The share of the grocery wallet. Cuthbert is another example that brands such as Aldi and Lidl are aggressively gaining market share by selling many similar products on their shelves.

When a newer younger caterpillar arrives on the market at a significantly lower price there is no surprise that this feels like a battle over honour and money. Remember, this isn’t about just any cake, this is M&S cake.

Most of us, were probably very loyal to Colin, however Aldi’s highly entertaining tweets are dividing those loyalties up and down the country. Fear not, there have been calls for Oprah and Judge Rinder to step in, before it gets to court.

What is really interesting, is how a national conversation has been sparked through social media with tweets, tik-tok and memes entertaining everyone. Aldi have cleverly or you could say cynically even brought charity into play which makes a little harder M&S to retaliate.



n “Raise money for charity not lawyers”n


— Aldi


What we do know, is that with effective social media – we all now know who Cuthbert is, we know he’s cheaper and a bit cooler than his predecessor. and definitely worth a try as M&S are worried!

#freeCuthbert #ColinIsTheOne (unbiased blogging!)

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