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Beginners Guide – Part 1. Why you should start a podcast

15 November 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Podcasting is no longer just for professional presenters like Tim Ferris or Joe Rogan.


Since 2004 Podcasting has evolved into one of the most popular content marketing formats with over 2 million podcasts available worldwide. In the UK alone, around 7.1 million people listen to podcasts each week.

Bloggers, content creators and businesses are taking advantage of a less crowded and more mobile content channel to market products or services through the creation of distribution of audio content.

7 Reasons to jump headfirst into podcasting

Fewer competitors

Podcasting is still relatively new compared to blogging and other social marketing formats. This means you have more chance to get heard by your audience without getting your content lost in an algorithm. Create both audio and video podcasts to give you listeners an option to choose from.

Increased brand awareness

You can easily achieve this when customers find real value from your content. It creates a sense of familiarity. Customers are certainly more likely to listen all the way through an episode or download the next episode after its released and hopefully over time subscribe to your channel so they can find more relevant content from you.

It’s all about connections

Podcasting is a great way to grow your audience, increase web traffic and build a real connection with your followers.  Aside from adding value to your marketing efforts, you can also direct customers to a landing page on your website where they can sign up to your email list, buy a product or read your blog content.

Podcasts are inexpensive and easy to produce

To launch your first podcast as a beginner, all you need is a solid microphone and reliable recording software to get started. As you grow in confidence and followers (of course), you can invest in better equipment and resources. More about this in Part 2.

Audio content is easy to consume

It’s easy to listen to a podcast when cooking a family dinner, doing the housework, in the gym or in the car whilst you are navigating the traffic to get to work on time.  Podcasts are becoming increasingly essential to fight boredom among commuters, with nearly 80% of listeners tuning into their favourite podcast while traveling to and from work.

Podcasts can be an educational tool

Podcasts are a handy and inexpensive resource to onboard new staff members or customers and educate them on your products, brand and industry.

Repurpose Podcast episodes

Publishing your podcasts on Spotify or your website doesn’t have to end there.  Create snippets of video or audio soundbites from your podcast to share on social media or publish them on your YouTube channel.

In part 2 we will walk you through a step-to-step guide of planning, recording, publishing, and promoting of a successful podcast.

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