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Bringing a brand to life in an office environment

13 September 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Studies have shown the impact that work environments can have on both an employee’s well-being and productivity. One of our clients recently took over a new office space which had previously been a call centre, environments not known for being inspirational spaces.

Our client wanted to create a positive, engaging and attractive setting for staff and visitors alike. Our brief was to design and produce materials around the office that brought Strictly Education 4S’ purpose to life. The organisation provides support and services to educators so they can focus on education, safe in the knowledge that everything from payroll to IT services are taken care of.

Our response was to develop a creative platform that showed children in positive educational scenes, in part made possible by Strictly Education 4S’ support behind the scenes.

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The Strictly Education 4S Boardroom Mural


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The creative is based on a series of spheres and inter-connecting lines reminiscent of a molecular structure, therefore playing a nod to the education sector. This approach enabled us to tell the story of how the services they provide, support front line educators and ultimately benefit pupils.

This project included the boardroom wall, a space often used by staff and for training sessions with Strictly Education 4S’ clients. We produced a wall graphic, applied very much like a wallpaper. Made to measure, the entire 8 meter wall is covered in a stunning visual from floor to ceiling. Building out from the company mantra “You educate, we support”. The imagery shows pupils of all ages engaged in everything from science to sport.

In addition to the feature boardroom wall are further visuals to break up the open plan office in either wall vinyls or acrylic panels. The molecular structure was also repeated in frosting on meeting room glass. The overall effect has been to create a more colourful and energetic environment that reflects the difference that the teams at Strictly Education 4S make to children.

Boardroom 5.jpg
Boardroom 4.jpg
Boardroom 3.jpg
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