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Do you have the right social media strategy in place?

8 February 2018

Adam Richards

Managing Director

It is hard to ignore the fact that in this day and age, a successful and engaging social media presence is crucial to any business. It is now one of the key marketing tactics for lead generation, with many customers expecting to engage with you via social media.


However social media is complex. It changes every day and technology is constantly updating. So, unless you work in the industry, it can be hard to keep up to date. Also, it can be easy to fall into the trap of mistaking social media ‘activity’ for productivity and that just being ‘on’ social media and making regular updates is going to increase sales or awareness.

For your social media to be a success you need to be keeping up with the latest advancements and making sure you are posting engaging, media rich content. However, doing all this, whilst trying to run your own business, is often a challenge.

A simple way to make sure you are on top of your social media game is to employ the skills of a company to manage your social media. They will have the skills and training to make sure they know the ins and outs of social media and all that comes with it.

However, for some businesses, this is not viable and they prefer to manage their social media in-house.

In-house has its benefits, in that you have complete control and no one knows your business better than those who live and breathe it every day. An in-house person or team is going to be physically, strategically and emotionally closer to your business.They will be able to respond and adapt quicker to any given situation. As social media is very visual, it can’t be denied that those working in-house have much easier access to photo/video opportunities.

That is where it can be useful to employ the services of a social media strategy consultant.

By calling in the experts, to review your social media strategy, you can find out what you are doing well, where you could improve, how you could be using any new features, giving people the tools to do it themselves. This is great for a company who want some expert input and to develop their own skills in-house.

Following this review, social media coaching on how to implement changes can be incredibly useful, making sure that the time you spend on social media is effective. Working alongside your team to develop a strategy, create content and achieve the goals.

Waypoint is a Hampshire based social media consultancy based in Winchester. If you would like to undertake a strategic review of your social media marketing please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.

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