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Generating sales leads at scale via LinkedIn

15 March 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

With over 740 million members throughout the world, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. From a Business to Business (B2B) perspective it is by far the best platform for professionals to connect, find new jobs and promote their products or services.

LinkedIn have created tools such as Sales Navigator to help companies tap into this professional network and generate new leads. Sales Navigator costs approximately £60 a month and for that you gain access to advanced lead and company search filters that enable you to build custom target lists and send 20 InMail messages a month.

However, if you are trying to generate leads at scale LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes up short. Building custom lists and sending an InMail to individuals is very time consuming and difficult to track and follow up. They also have only a small percentage chance of being replied to, depending on the attractiveness of the product or service you are selling, and sales directors usually want result NOW!

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation software tool that enables you to connect and message LinkedIn members at scale and therefore save you a huge amount of time and deliver results quickly. It works by following these straightforward steps:

  1. Build your target list on LinkedIn

  2. Export them to Octopus CRM

  3. Auto connect at scale with your target audience

  4. Auto message in bulk with those who connect

  5. Auto add connections to your CRM

Octopus CRM also enables you to automatically endorse your connections as well as telling them that you have visited their profile.


Are LinkedIn automation tools safe?

There are dangers with LinkedIn automation tools as ultimately they are prohibited by the platform and if you abuse it too much you are in danger of being flagged and ultimately having your account suspended.

To counter this Octopus CRM is very clear on how many engagements you can do daily, recommending under 250 actions per day, and not going over 1,000 pending invitations at once. It also recommends personalising your connection requests and messages which is much better for building rapport and a genuine relationship.

To summarise Octopus CRM and other LinkedIn automation tools such as Get Prospect and Lempod are a great way to connect with your audience at scale but it is important that you don’t abuse these tools as you might find your account gets blocked.

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