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Getting set up on social media

14 September 2020

Adam Richards

Managing Director

By Hayley Coello – Marketing and Social Media Executive

We were recently asked to write an article for Central London Lawyer magazine, providing advice to businesses in the law industry on how best to set up a social media profile. The article was first published in the May 2020 edition.

Why is social media so important


In today’s online world, a successful and engaging social media presence is crucial to any business. It is now a key marketing tactic for lead generation and, just like a website, social media sites are frequently visited by prospective customers to gather information before making contact.

What are the main social media platforms

The answer to this question lies in who your target audiences are. If you are targeting the general public then platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are perfect forums for the type of lively, interactive and ‘human’ engagement required.

If your focus, however, is business to business (B2B), then social media marketing should be focussed on cultivating professional relationships and promoting yourself or your practice as ‘subject experts’ in your chosen field.

LinkedIn is the most effective B2B social media marketing platform, providing professionals with an opportunity to connect and communicate peer to peer with other professionals in their industry. It also allows members to share articles, engage with professional groups, and recruit talent.

Twitter is another platform that offers a powerful opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience and build meaningful relationships by posting links to valued content.

What are the best types of content

Social media marketing is all about getting people to engage with your content. It is easy to mistake social media ‘activity’ for productivity and to think that just by making regular updates you will see an increase in sales or awareness.

For your social media marketing to be a success you need to be posting engaging, media rich content that people want to like and share. Posts with videos and photos are much more likely to be engaged with as they naturally catch the eye and are easy to digest.

However, many businesses fall into the trap of just posting content on their pages without engaging. If your goal is to increase your following and spread awareness amongst a wider audience, you need interact by asking for comments and replying to questions.

Another easy mistake to make is the use of scheduling software and the posting of the same content across all social media sites without appropriate tailoring. Each social media platform has its own language and etiquette and ensuring that you understand and abide by this style is crucial.

How to go about getting set up on social media


If you don’t have much social media experience, the first tip is to not jump in too deep. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to adopt every feature that requires advanced skills and special apps. Stick to the basics and do them well, such as well written posts with quality photos.

A good place to start is to think about your branding. Each social media platform will require a cover photo and profile picture. Whilst the sizing varies for each, they all follow the same basic layout so make this look consistent and professional. Your cover image and profile picture might well be the first thing a prospect customer sees when they come into contact with you or your firm, and therefore it is vital to make this first impression a good one.

Content generation

Posting the right content at the right time, is paramount to successful social media marketing and is a balancing act. Social media posts need a fun, human element, but also need to come across as professional for B2B marketing.

Engaging with prospects and customers via social media channels is less about selling, and more about building and nurturing relationships, through the provision of informative and relevant content. By regularly publishing content, participating in groups and re-publishing the information of others you will quickly build a following and generate leads.

Top tips

There are some general tips for posting across all the platforms, for maximum exposure and engagement.

  • Use hashtags

  • Tag connections in your content

  • Engage with other pages by liking and commenting as your page

  • Be regular – a little-but-often is more effective than all-at-once or nothing-at-all

  • Invite engagement

  • Join industry groups related to your business

Social media as part of an integrated marketing campaign

For most companies, the best way to use social media is as part of an integrated marketing campaign. By linking your social media followers to your email marketing and content posted on your website, you will not only engage with a new audience, but boost your website search engine rankings, enjoy more traffic, and generate more leads. The two really do go hand in hand.

Waypoint Digital Marketing

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