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Google now lets you edit your My Business listings directly in Search

14 September 2017

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Google has just simplified, and introduced a new way for business owners to update their My Business listing that appear in search results.

It’s the latest in Google’s efforts to make their search results seemingly more social, which aligns with user search trends, as more and more people are now searching for business information on social platforms.

A Google My Business listing is key for businesses wanting to improve their online presence. It makes it easier for customers to find information about your business online, including hours of operation, reviews, contact information and directions, and it enables your business to appear in local search results for queries specific to your products or services.


Previously, site owners had to login to Google My Business in order to make changes to their listings, such as contact information or updated hours. Now you can edit your business profile by doing a Google search for your business and then editing directly in the local knowledge panel which will be presented. You will need to be logged in with your business account for this new dashboard to show up.

Below this dashboard, Google will also recommend top things to do that will help your listing stand out even more and provide suggestions of information that might be missing. The dashboard will also allow users to directly update their posts, a new feature introduced earlier in the year, which allows businesses to share information on promotions and discounts, upcoming events or product announcements.

The ability for business owners to manage their Google My Business directly from Search, is part of a broader effort by Google to get businesses – especially local ones – to make their products and services more searchable on the Web. According to Google, these listings help businesses gain 38% more in-store visits from customers, there is a 29% higher chance of actual purchases and two-times more trust than businesses that aren’t properly listed on Google Search.

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