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Have you found the ZMOT in your digital marketing strategy?

27 December 2012

Adam Richards

Managing Director

What is the ZMOT in digital marketing strategy?
In 2011 Google launched a new concept in digital online strategy decision-making – ZMOT, the Zero Moment of Truth. Many marketers were already familiar with the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) coined by Proctor and Gamble in 2005 to describe the moment a consumer first physically sees a product. For years influencing the FMOT was seen as the Holy Grail for marketers if they were going to grow their sales. However, with the advent of the Internet we now know that consumers make their buying decision long before they see a product on a shelf. This period is the ZMOT – the phase prior to FMOT when consumers go online to search for information, read reviews and swap notes with friends prior to making a purchase.

Why is it important?
Although not a new concept for the majority of marketers, ZMOT gave a label to a digital marketing strategy problem that they had been grappling with for a number of years. How do you know where consumers are going online to conduct research as they move from undecided to decided? In a 2011 survey of 5,003 shoppers across 12 categories Google identified that the average shopper used 10.7 sources of online digital information prior to making a purchase (1) .  However, whilst undoubtedly important the problem remains – how do you go about finding it and secondly how do you then influence it?

Finding and influencing your ZMOT
This is no easy task primarily because even a brand with unlimited budget can’t be in all places at all times. However, by following these key steps we believe you can get to know your ZMOT and begin to influence it!

1.    Identify the digital diet and desires of your customers. Unless you understand their digital portrait how can you begin to understand where they go and what they look for online?
2.    Identify ambassadors whose opinions matter in ZMOT. These individuals shape opinions in very wide circles so it is important to build relationships with them.
3.    Reach out and try to form partnerships and generate content. Look to provide content that your customers are looking for, not just information about your product.

Good luck in finding your ZMOT and if you need any digital marketing strategy help please get in touch at or call direct on +44 (0) 7780 703212

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