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How do you create an inspirational website?

27 March 2020

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Clever photography can work miracles for kitchens, so how do you present designers and kitchens that truly are the best on the market?

It can be hard to communicate craftsmanship and quality through digital platforms.

We were challenged with developing a website that would do just that. Our client, Hobson’s Choice, design and sell kitchens at the top end of the market.


Their design credentials and craftsmanship are second to none and so we had to communicate this by creating a new website that would arguably be the most important showroom they have.

Before stepping into a showroom, customers will research online and pull a short-list together. The Hobson’s Choice website had to offer inspiration and make customers realise that the Hobson’s Choice showrooms in Bath, Swindon and Winchester are definitely worth a visit in person.

The website had to be image rich, provide lots of inspiration and show why Hobson’s Choice is different and better than other kitchen companies on the market. As a result, the site has a section dedicated to inspiration, showing homes that have been transformed with their new kitchens


The expertise of the designers is highlighted with individual profiles, and The Edit which shows their favourite picks. Hobson’s Choice offer kitchens, interiors and bathrooms from the best designers in the world, the Selection section shows the breadth of the offering and why brands have been chosen.

The site also enables every image to be pinned to a Pinterest board, brochure downloads, registering for upcoming events as well as reading up on the latest news and recipes.

The result is a website that is beautiful and functional. For more information on how we can help you with your website, get in touch by calling 01962 862760 or emailing

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