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How effective are e-books as a marketing tool?

8 July 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

E-books have been around for some time and their value as part of the marketing mix continues. When executed well, an e-book provides a positive value exchange between the reader and the provider. The provider typically gives value through content and insight and the reader / prospect provides their data in return.

Many of Waypoint’s clients continue to use e-books as they;

• Increase brand awareness / engagement

• Provide an ideal platform for thought leadership

• Are a valuable lead generation tool

• Direct traffic to the website

• Give real value to prospects and customers

The leads generated from e-books are followed up with subsequent communications to convert them to customers. We regularly produce e-books for ourselves and our clients.

Most recently we produced e-books for two clients with great results. The first was for Surveyors to Education (S2e), the book, titled, “What is Good Estate Management for Schools? “ generated 250 leads in the first week alone after a mailing to ISBL (an educational professional body) subscribers.

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We also produced an e-book for Humphrey Feeds and Pullets on egg sizing, yes egg sizing! The book received multiple downloads and positive feedback from farmers who believe it will also help with bird welfare.

Waypoint, produced the books, being responsible for the content, designs, mailing, and socialising them through the clients’ various channels. We then tracked the leads for follow-up, and added them to the clients’ databases as prospects. For the B2B sector in particular, e-books continue to be an effective marketing tool.

As specialists in lead generation for clients, please let us know if you would like to create a series of e-books for your prospects and customers, we would love to help.

Acting as our clients outsourced marketing team, our mission is to be faster, nimbler and more cost-effective than the traditional headcount heavy marketing agency. If you would like to Waypoint to help you with an aspect of your marketing strategy then please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.

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