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How to deliver a creative change of pace

15 July 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

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To be effective an ad needs many things. It needs a message that talks to the audience in a way that will build a connection and it needs visual impact. When developing the latest adverts for our client Strictly Education’s key services we had these challenges and more!

Waypoint had to develop a suite of ads that would also convey a consistent company identity whilst creating a point of difference between the 4 different service areas. In addition, we needed to create stand out from the rest of the marketing materials that rely heavily on imagery.

The bold decision was taken to move to a graphic style, with each business area reflected by its own colour. The resulting work is confident and striking whilst at the same time providing a clear change of pace. Copy is short, needs driven and supported by a clear call to action. The connector line from the logo is borrowed to create visual interest and to provide a device to “hang” the services on.

The whole range of ads currently feature in the 2019/2020 Strictly Education Directory. This is a comprehensive guide to the full range of services and as such is a weighty piece over 100 pages long.

The new ads have a strong visual impact, their striking style sets them apart from the body of the content and they encourage the audience to make additional purchases.

Delivering a creative change of pace can be a challenge but also an exciting time in a brand’s evolution. The new ads are a departure from the previous creative approach, but achieve the balance of adopting a fresh style without losing any brand equity.

Acting as our clients outsourced marketing team, our mission is to be faster, nimbler and more cost-effective than the traditional headcount heavy marketing agency. If you would like to Waypoint to help you with an aspect of your marketing strategy then please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.

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