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How to increase followers to my company LinkedIn business page?

30 September 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

For Business to Business (B2B) digital marketing, LinkedIn is the key social channel for increasing your business profile followers, raising brand awareness and increasing sales as a result.

The social etiquette on LinkedIn is very different from the other social channels such as Instagram and Facebook and is very much more formal. In line with this, the methods for gaining followers for your business page are also much more business-like.

As discussed in a previous blog, the new community hashtag facility is one way of increasing your business page followers, however this this can be a lot of effort and time consuming without guaranteed results.

Earlier this year we were instructed by one of our clients to boost their business page followers, which only had 3 page likes. We leapt to the challenge, and as of this month the page now has 214 followers – quite a feat in just 6 months!

Social Mapping

So how did we do this?

The answer laid in social mapping! We created a list of hot prospects which would be the clients ideal customer. Then using the clients personal LinkedIn account we connected strategically with the hot prospect individuals working in such businesses who had shared connections to increase the likelihood of members accepting our requests. These individuals were then invited to like the company page, with great results for the client.

For successful LinkedIn marketing, it is crucial that your business page has lots of people following it as, like with all social pages, the more people engaging with your posts the more reach they will get because your posts will show up in more member feeds.

Rather than paying for followers, the approach we took, with social media mapping, ensured that all the followers gained were hot property prospective customers.

To keep the new followers engaged, regular posting is carried out twice weekly by Waypoint using a range of content to encourage engagement such as video and photos. To read more on unlocking the power of LinkedIn click here.

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