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Latest Google search algorithm prioritises mobile responsive sites

21 April 2015

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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Google uses algorithms to analyse search queries and serve relevant results. Today, 21st April 2015, the latest Google search algorithm has been launched to their unsuspecting audience.

With the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices now higher than on desktop computers*, the latest Google search algorithm change is all about prioritising websites that are responsive i.e. websites that adjust automatically to make them optimal for viewing on a variety of mobile devices and their different size screens.

In the past, Google and other search engines’ algorithms based their search results on pairing keywords entered into the search bar with keywords or meta-data that had been packed into various parts of websites. However, over the years, search engines have become more sophisticated and optimising your websites’ performance in search has become a little more complicated.

For example, Google recently introduced its Hummingbird algorithm which not only considers each keyword entered into the search bar but also the intention of the words or phrases entered by the searcher in a drive to make search results more human or semantic.

Therefore If you want your website to appear prominently in Google’s search results it is now important that your website is mobile responsive and that you have the right keywords or meta-data built in.

However, there are a number of other things to think about.

  • Up to date, ‘true’ content is a vital part of search with the aim being to return search results which are genuinely useful to the user. The best way to address this is by blogging regularly which will keep your site current and make your site more likely to appear nearer the top of relevant search results.
  • Consider using a variety of media formats on your website – such as video and ebooks – that are regularly updated and provide fresh content. This taps into the multi-media experience and trend towards mobile that the latest Google search algorithm is tapping into.
  • As social media is a key way to draw people to your site and stay current, as well as those all-important trusted and relevant external links, it is important to share the valuable content you are producing.

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