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M-commerce mobile web traffic to soon overtake desktop traffic for retailers

14 December 2014

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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With Black Friday behind us and Christmas now looming on the horizon it is interesting to see how shopping habits are being shaped by the use of the internet and mobile devices.

A recent report by Skava, which collected millions of user visits to many leading US retailers’ websites and apps between October 2013 and October 2014, concluded that mobile traffic will soon overtake desktop traffic for the first time by the end of the year.

If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly then this data is further evidence to support the business need to make it so as more and more consumers make their purchases via their online mobile devices.

The report highlighted the growth of mobile in retail, showing a 112% increase in mobile traffic to retailer websites in the past year while desktop traffic dropped 4%.

However, even the big retail players are not spending billions of dollars on their m-commerce platform compared to their e-commerce platform with the majority of retailers’ mobile sites being slightly modified versions of their desktop sites.

The report also provides insights into how leading brands and their devices performed in creating traffic and yielding revenue with Apple still sitting onto of the pack albeit with declining share.

  • Despite strong iPhone 6 sales, Apple dropped from its position of generating 67% of the entire mobile revenue for retailers in Q1 to 62% in Q3, with Android increasing 5% in the same period.
  • During that time, the Apple operating system (iOS) also dropped 2% from Q1 – Q3 (63% – 61%) to Android OS (36% – 38%), with all other operating systems combined accounting for less than 1%.
  • These numbers were mirrored by device traffic, with Apple averaging 63.5% between Q1 and Q3 and Samsung slowly catching up, with 23% traffic in Q1 and 26% in Q3.
  • The Amazon Fire phone failed to gain significant traction and accounts for less than 1% of traffic.

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