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Staff Conference for Strictly Education

4 February 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

The end of last year, saw the Waypoint team busy assisting our client Strictly Education, with their inaugural staff conference.


Strictly Education is the UK’s leading education specific provider of professional services and solutions, supporting over 2,000 schools, academies and MATs.

The conference took place on Thursday 20 December at The Milton Keynes Methodist Church and had over 200 attendees. We supported in the organisation of the event, producing all of the supporting literature, pull-up banners, presentation slides and balloons! We also coordinated in the production of a customer video that was shown for the first time at conference.

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Waypoint Digital Marketing has acted as Strictly Education’s outsourced marketing team since 2013, helping to drive strategy, generate leads and deliver all elements of the marketing plan.

Adam Richards, Managing Director of Waypoint, attended the conference stating,

“What a day and fantastic to be a part of it! It was great to see the company come together as one, and view the breadth of services that it delivers.”

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