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The effectiveness of telemarketing as part of an integrated digital marketing campaign

9 December 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Christine Lloyd heads up the Waypoint telemarketing team

Telemarketing remains one of the most effective methods for B2B companies to generate appointments, get in front of prospects and ultimately generate sales.

For many businesses’ telemarketing has been replaced or reduced in favour of digital channels. However, in an online world that is becoming increasingly cluttered, a good old-fashioned sales call can cut through the clutter and produce immediate results.

At Waypoint we would argue that the role of marketing is to generate leads for the sales force to convert.

Over the last 10 years digital channels have become the most cost effective and measurable route to generate awareness and drive prospect contact. Being found online where your prospects are looking for your products or services has become absolutely key. Likewise, content marketing has become increasingly important in lead generation; providing information online that your prospects are looking for and want to consume.

When these digital channels are paired with a direct telemarketing approach the results can be very good and very immediate.

Working recently with a client in the education sector our telemarketing team were able to generate 10 face to face appointments in a week with a potential sales revenue of £200k. Not a bad return for 40 hours work.

Telemarketing can take many forms depending on the desired marketing objective. Appointment generation is the most direct but it can also involve lead qualification and management, calendar coordination, event marketing, follow up and customer surveys.

At Waypoint we have developed a highly targeted and personalised telemarketing service working in partnership with our existing B2B clients across a range of sectors from professional services to manufacturing.

The team is headed up by Christine Lloyd who loves cold calling which is something you don’t hear very often!

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