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The importance of good website design

29 June 2017

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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In today’s modern digital world, having a “good” website is imperative if you want to be a successful business. But the rules on what makes a good website are not necessarily what you think they might be. You might think long-winded paragraphs and fancy graphics are what draws in prospective customers, but they are just distractions and in fact turn users away.

According to website guru Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, the number one rule to a good website, is that it shouldn’t make your visitors think.  Your website has milliseconds to grab the attention of visitors. If the right information isn’t immediately obvious or the user can’t find their way around, they won’t stay on your website.

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Web users don’t read the pages of a website; they scan them. The purpose of every page should be clear and unambiguous and it is imperative that a website has features that people are used to, to help users easily navigate your website and quickly relate. Features such as a having a home button in sight at all times and a search bar offers reassurance.

You want your site to feel effortless to users, avoid confusion and frustration. Your home page should convey the big picture with minimal noise and distractions.  Your navigation system should be simple and obvious to users where they should click to find what they’re looking for, so they know which page or section they are on and how to get back. It needs to be obvious what is clickable so users don’t waste time and become so impatient that they give up and move on to a different website.

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