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The launch of Allington Equine

28 September 2015

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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We are pleased to have supported the launch of a new company! Allington Equine provide a professional horse rug cleaning, proofing and repair service operating from laundry premises in Romsey, Hampshire.

Allington Equine’s unique selling point is to provide their customers with a straightforward online ordering experience – via a mobile phone or tablet. The majority of horse owners are very busy people and therefore would prefer to place orders for their rug cleaning whilst on the move.

Brand Identity

We were asked to first design and develop the new brand identity in the form of a name, logo, font and colour palette.

After surveying the competitive set it became clear that to differentiate Allington Equine we needed to create a premium brand that stood apart in terms of quality and service. In the future Allington Equine plans to add clothing and other equine products to its range and therefore the brand also needed to accommodate this future development.

The result is Allington Equine – named after the much loved horse that belonged to owner Nicky Clitheroe – which we believe communicates exactly the right tone and gravitas. By creating a brand marque and using the luxury colours of navy blue and gold, coupled with the Adriane body font, we were able to realise the premium feel we wanted.

Online Ordering and Payments – Squarespace and Stripe Integration

The website is built on Squarespace CMS with a completely bespoke design and structure,  formatted to render elegantly on both tablet and smart phone.

It was vital that the ordering and payment process was seamless and easy to use whilst on the move. To achieve this we integrated with Stripe payments. With Stripe, we were able to integrate payment processing into the website without having to set-up a merchant account. The other benefit with Stripe is that credit card details can be entered within the Allington Equine website itself without having to ‘punch-out’ to a third party portal as you do for example with Paypal.

Finally, to support ongoing customer marketing the website is integrated with mail chimp to capture customer details and enable future epromotions and enewsletters.  For email we are using Google Apps for business.

Please click on the link below to experience it for yourself!

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