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The power of a homepage video – Waypoint in 30 seconds

23 August 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

The new Waypoint video is fast, slick, and modern. We wanted to distill our brand and services through compelling motion graphics, highlighting Waypoint’s expertise in only thirty seconds. Discover our approach and inspiration here.



Why do so many companies have videos front and centre on their website? Simple, because videos tell a brand’s story like no other medium. With ever decreasing attention spans, a homepage video offers the visitor an easy way to absorb messaging.

Although homepage videos are short, a lot of work goes into producing such concise content. Crafting a minimal script that tells the story of your brand takes plenty of refinement. The aim is to educate your audience while elevating your brand.



How did we produce our video?


Searching for inspiration:

With any creative marketing project, the first step is to assess competition and trends. We looked at Apple’s groundbreaking Don’t Blink advertisement, as well as other marketing companies’ videos such as Hurricane and Vidsy.


Scripting and storyboarding:

Next, we broke down the core messaging into sections. Putting copy onto a flexible storyboard allowed us to rearrange wording and visualise the video’s flow.


Working with the right talent:

Now, this is perhaps the most vital step. We work with phenomenal video producers capable of bringing our brand to life through graphics, timing, and sound

It is equally vital to brief your creator effectively. We took time to understand where we wanted particular styles and where we wanted to give the creator freedoms. The results speak for themselves.



If you want to take your homepage to the next level with tailored video content, please do get in touch and book a consultation.

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