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The Power of Pins – How your business can use Pinterest as a marketing tactic

13 September 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

If you only think of Pinterest as a platform to plan your next dream holiday, discovering interior design trends or find inspiration for your weekly meal planning, then think again!

Pinterest for business is a super-powerful and highly addictive visual search engine and productivity tool, that can increase traffic to your website, generate leads and improve awareness to your brand.

With 459 million global active users, 1 billion videos being watched every day and pins being 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter, it’s well worth considering Pinterest as a platform to invest your marketing efforts.

Let’s explore how to create a successful Pinterest strategy for your business.

6 Simple steps to successful Pinterest marketing

1. Create a Pinterest Business Account

Sign up for a more professional looking account with Pinterest Business. Not only are you able to grow your audience by showcasing your products, you can attract more people to your website and drive conversions by creating organic pins with offers like free downloads.

A business account also allows you to take advantage of its analytics and insights features to monitor how your content is performing, what your audience is engaging with and how to tailor your content to get the best results.

2. Curate engaging content

The power of Pinterest lies in its high-quality, engaging visual content. The more valuable or relatable your Pins are, the greater the chances are that people will save your content to their own Pinterest boards — which means more exposure for your content!

Experiment with various forms of content (article pins and product pins), mix it up and don’t’ always sell yourself with every pin you post. Provide value to customers instead by offering a handy guide or free ebook download.

3. Carefully consider your designs

A Pin design is the first thing that catches the eye on Pinterest and should stand out to avoid your audience from simply scrolling past. Your pin designs should be catchy but minimalist and adhere to you own brand guidelines. Be sure to include:

  • Background or Image: Minimalist and adhere to your brand guidelines

  • Title: Short and SEO friendly

  • Subheading: Simple and easy to read

  • Branding: Logo, website URL, product link

  • CTA’s: Learn More? Click Here! Visit our Blog.

4. Plan and optimise your pins

Pinterest is a search engine, so make sure you pay attention to your SEO strategy. A few tips to optimise your pins:

  • Include a URL to your blog

  • Create a board dedicated to your blog posts

  • Use keywords and hashtags in titles, descriptions and Pinterest boards

  • Add a call to action

  • Add a Pinterest widget to your website

  • Respond to your customers’ queries and comments

5. Create Ads on Pinterest With Promoted Pins

Pinterest Ads is an effective way to grow your reach, get more traffic to your website and drive actions like online sales, subscriptions and in-store purchases.

Pinterest allow advertisers to target their video ads and promoted pins around keywords, interests, location, age, customer lists and more.

To monitor the effectiveness on your advertising campaigns, dive deep into pin stats, engagement analytics and custom reports to optimise your future and improve your results.

6. Track your metrics

  • Pinterest analytics is a great tool to help you understand how your content performs or what actions people take after viewing your Pinterest ads. You can look at data such as:

  • Audience insights for follower analytics

  • Conversion insights to track ad campaigns and booster pins

  • Video insights to track how well your videos are performing

  • Trends to see what type of content works well on Pinterest

Having a better understanding of your metrics will allow you to fin-tune your social strategy and deliver better results for your business.

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