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The rise of “old-school” email marketing in 2022

26 April 2022

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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Email marketing has been around since 1971 when the first ever email was sent to 400 customers by Gary Thunk, a marketing executive at Digital Equipment Corporation. The results were impressive, with $13 million yielded in sales.

Email has been a reliable marketing tool ever since, but with the rise of social media and modern technologies, many of us were sceptical about whether an “old-school” email marketing strategy would survive the requirements of modern-day marketing.

In 2019, most businesses had to realign their marketing strategies to digitally connect with their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Various studies found that businesses were able to boost their return on investment (ROI) with the power of email, making email marketing a trendy and robust strategy in 2022 that can provide a connection with customers through offers, content, incentives, and rewards.

5 Email trends to boost your marketing campaigns

True email personalisation

According to the 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index, if you want your prospects and customers to truly engage with your emails, personalisation needs to go beyond a first name and subject line. This means offering products your customer has expressed an interest in, that fit their budget and contain dynamic content that uses keywords that you know will drive engagement.

Increased outcomes compared to other channels

Email might be considered “old school” but it outperforms any other channel, especially when it comes to ROI. In fact, during a 2020 survey carried out among marketers from the United Kingdom, it was found that email generates around £35 – £40 for every £1 spent, which is an incredible 3500+% ROI, making email a worthwhile marketing strategy in 2022. For best results monitor the click-through rates, engagements and bounce rates on a regular basis.

User-generated content

To get incredible results with your email campaigns it is not only important to create your own content but to get your customers to create content for you. Reviews and testimonials shows how other customers are enjoying your products and instils trust and loyalty within your brand. Example or user-generated content are text reviews, videos tutorials, GIFS, images, and even podcasts.

Brand loyalty and connection

Email marketing campaigns are an effective strategy to boost brand awareness and loyalty among customers. When your potential customers better understand what your business is all about, they can engage and connect with it in a meaningful way. According to the 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index, 74% of consumers have a favourite brand as it treats them like an individual or strives to develop a relationship with them. One of the best ways to develop such a relationship is through customer loyalty programs, referral schemes and personalised offers to encourage your customers to interact and purchase from your brand.

Mobility is a must-have

Nearly 55% of global website traffic is generated from mobile devices (excluding tablets) and almost 70% of people globally use mobile phones for market research at home, while in a store or to help them decide to make a purchase. The way to engage with these consumers is through real-time, personalised experiences. In 2022 consumers demand a well-formatted, personalised and mobile-friendly experience from marketing emails. Email copy should be easy to read, structured vertically and with plenty of white space to separate the content.

Waypoint Digital Marketing

Email marketing has definitely made a comeback and with a well-thought out strategy and the knowledge of what customer preferences are, you could truly engage with your customers and give your brand a huge advantage over competitors.

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