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Top tips to get the most out of your company LinkedIn page

4 May 2018

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Some people only view LinkedIn as a place for graduates and job seekers to identify potential job opportunities. By taking this view, they are missing out on a huge social media platform which allows businesses to actively engage together and establish themselves as a reputable and trustworthy organisation.

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Like the other social media platforms, you can have a LinkedIn company page in addition to a personal one. By posting updates on your feed, you can showcase your company and post updates about your news and achievements.

A major benefit of LinkedIn over social media platforms is that because it focusses on careers, your employees act as indirect company ambassadors, strengthening your brand image. It also allows you to highlight your specialist services.

Building a strong presence on LinkedIn is essential for creating relationships and engaging conversations with prospects, customers, and even job seekers. LinkedIn company pages aren’t just for branding, but rather a hub where professionals can interact with your company and brand.

Like all social media platforms, to get the most out of LinkedIn, you can’t just have a page. You need to be active and engage. We have outlined our top tips to get the most out of a company LinkedIn page:

  • Join active and relevant LinkedIn groups. Participating in and contributing actively to such communities can establish expertise.
  • Tag connections in your content for more exposure – but only when it is absolutely relevant to them.
  • Ensure your company page matches your company’s visual branding with an appropriate cover image, logo and style.
  • Make sure you are not just posting words and links. Regularly use images and pictures to make your Page visually interesting to your followers.
  • Short and simple – Snappy updates with a simple title and an interesting and relevant image spark more clickthroughs, likes and comments than long-winded, plain text.
  • If someone comments on an update, you must be sure to reply to them promptly and show that you care about your readers.
  • Be regular – a little-but-often is more effective than all-at-once or nothing-at-all.
  • Notify your employees – advise your employees that you have a company page, share the link with them. When employees follow your page, they’ll automatically be categorized under the “Employees” tab on the right-hand side of the page – this is a good way to show off employees and make business more personable.
  • Encourage employees to post content – the best companies share their employees’ stories on LinkedIn. This makes you employees feel valued, but it also helps to attract people in your industry.
  • Looking for easy engagement? Ask a question.

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