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What is Facebook product tagging?

9 February 2017

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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You may have noticed recently, when posting on your Facebook business page, that there is now the option to tag your products. But what does this mean?

Facebook is no longer just a place to share your life with the world. It has evolved in to a space for business as well as social interaction. Small businesses have Facebook pages through which customers make online transactions and book tickets and even make reservations. Now Facebook has introduced an option to tag products.


The idea has been launched to help generate more sales for businesses through Facebook. Businesses can upload a post and tag items from their product catalogue, directing the user to the specific item on the company website.

When posting a status update, photo, or video, Facebook will give the option of tagging products. It works similarly to tagging your friends on your personal page, but if the user clicks on the tag, it will open a separate page just for that product.

You can customize this page with information about the product along with an image, pricing information, and more. This makes it quick and easy for interested consumers to learn more about the product and they just need to click on the item to be directed to it on the business website, so the user can purchase the item.

Why use tagged products?

In short, product tagging on Facebook is a free way to get your goods in front of more buyers. Many experts also speculate that Facebook will use this new feature to allow even more targeted ads. For example, if you have some perfume tagged in a post, it could help Facebook show it to users who are searching for perfume.

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