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What is LinkedIn Live and how to use it?

15 December 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Just when you think you’ve sorted posting entertaining videos on Instagram Reels and live videos on Facebook livestream, LinkedIn Live joins the party!


LinkedIn Live is the latest video feature from LinkedIn that enables your business to connect with your communities in real-time. Live videos get 24 times more comments and 7 times more reactions than standard videos which could potentially have a positive impact on your social media strategy.

What is LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a streaming feature that allows you to stream live videos to your audience through your company page or personal profile. It lets you combine the power of livestreaming with the power of LinkedIn. This means you could talk to your audience by conducting interviews, sharing expertise, hosting live events, celebrating big moments or selling products and services.

It’s essentially a great way to open doors to 250 million professionals and an opportunity to truly grow and engage with your network.

How to use LinkedIn Live

It’s possible that you’ve received an email from LinkedIn to tell you that you have access to LinkedIn live. If not, you are required to apply to have the feature added to your profile. Once approved:

  • Sign up for a third-party streaming tool. Tools like Restream, StreamYard or Socialive are a good place to start and start streaming.

  • Write a title for your stream. Write a great description and include a CTA. This will help get your audience interested in your live content.

  • Set up your camera and microphone. Check for quality of video, audio and background and start your live video. Don’t forget to hit the ‘End Broadcast’ button!

  • LinkedIn will now post your video on your Recent Activity or Page Feed.

LinkedIn Live Video Ideas

If you’re wondering why and what to stream, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

  • Promote an event. Events are an easy way to engage with your audience. Live stream the presentation, host a Q&A session or a workshop.

  • Launch a new product. Let your audience know what your latest offering is and answer questions that come up on the live comment feed.

  • Share exciting news. Welcome new team members, celebrate a promotion or highlight new partnerships.

  • Showcase expertise. Share tips and tricks with your audience.

  • Go behind the scenes. These types of videos help humanise your brand and makes your audience feel like they are receiving exclusive content.

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