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What is Online Content Marketing and why is it so important?

15 March 2014

Adam Richards

Managing Director
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Online content marketing is the online publishing of information about your market, product or service that, when found via search engines, is perceived to be useful and relevant by your target audience.

The reason it is so important is that most buyers who are looking to make a purchase, start by searching for information online. By making available the information they are looking for, they find you as opposed to you finding them. This form of pull marketing strategy is significantly more effective than traditional push marketing strategies because potential customers are willingly engaging with your content in contrast to being forced to hear what you have to say.

A high performing sales person will tell you that a key to their success is building trust with their customers – not being pushy. The same principle applies online. Online content marketing enables you to build a position of trust and authority with your audience which is more likely to lead to a sale than a direct in your face promotion. Creating an environment in which your customers buy as opposed to you selling is what you are aiming for.

The other important reason why you should engage in online content marketing is because it significantly improves your search engine ranking position, which in turn will deliver you more visitors to your website and therefore generate more potential leads.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Safari crawl over web pages all the time to assess their importance and relevance to specific keyword searches. One of the ways they assess this is by determining how popular a website is. By frequently publishing new content and pages on your website and by promoting them on your social marketing channels, you will generate more page shares and visits. The search engines will look at both of these factors as a measure of popularity and promote your site higher up the search rankings.

In conclusion online content marketing is the best form of promotion because it is not about selling. It is about building a relationship with potential customers who have found you and are willingly engaging with what you have to say. With the right calls to action you will enjoy more visits to your website which the search engines will see as increasing popularity. This will result in you being given a higher search position which will in turn lead to more visits to your website and so it goes on.

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