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What the colour of your logo says about your company brand

26 March 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

There is more to colour than meets the eye. According to research by Colorcom, the colour choice you make when designing your logo and branding, plays an important role in reinforcing your brand’s personality and connecting to your ideal customers. And in a competitive market, a branding identity is critical to this success.

The psychology of colour

When honing the narrative and message behind your logo and marketing collateral, research on the psychology of colour suggests that that your logo design and colour choices simply comes down to how your customers feel about your brand, do they recongnise your brand and the emotions that certain colours evoke. No wonder brands like Facebook, NHS and Barclays all use the colour blue – a cool and calm colour that represents intelligence, trust, cleanliness and responsibility.

Choosing the right colour for your logo or marketing efforts can help build a strong, relatable brand. But before you delve into the overwhelming world of pantones, we’ve put together a short breakdown on the meaning of colours to get you started on your branding journey.

Choosing the right colour for your brand

  • Red – A powerful colour that attracts attention and evokes strong emotions with viewers. It’s the colour of passion, excitement and increases appetite – making it a great colour for a restaurant.

  • Orange – A playful and enthusiastic colour that evokes excitement, warmth and creativity. An orange logo sends the message that your company is light-hearted and friendly.

  • Yellow – Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism which encourages communication and is perfect for window displays that grab customers‘ attention.

  • Green – The colour of nature represents growth, relaxation and prosperity. Choosing green as the primary colour for your brand conveys the message of environmentally friendliness, tranquillity and money.

  • Blue – Blue represents trust, integrity, security and formality. Ideal for professional brands in the banking, manufacturing and IT industries.

  • Purple – A noble colour associated with wealth, royalty and success. A purple logo offers customers a sense of loyalty, luxury as well as magic and mystery.

  • Pink – Pink is associated with femininity, romance and sensitivity – a fun colour that evokes a sense of playfulness and approachability.

  • Brown – Brown is an earthy, rugged colour and brings to mind practical and dependable brands in the farming, agricultural and outdoor industries.

  • White – White is simplistic and creates a minimalistic aesthetic. Health and beauty brands are able to create an image of purity and beauty with this chosen colour.

  • Grey — Grey is a classic, mature and neutral colour. Brands that choose grey convey an image of professionalism, formality and dependability.

  • Black – A simple, yet powerful and sophisticated colour that gives your brand a luxurious and modern feel.

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