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What will the closing down of Google+ mean for social media marketing

4 March 2019

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Google has announced its decision to shut down Google+ as a social network in April 2019 citing low usage and engagement.

Google+ was launched back in 2011, with an appealing concept of a social media network that was fully integrated with all of Google’s online services. A channel which offered an opportunity to improve your businesses organic visibility, boost traffic and increase user engagement with your brand.

Unfortunately Google + never really took off. Unlike WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram, it didn’t offer anything new or revolutionary and so people didn’t use the platform.

How will this affect my businesses social media marketing?

The closing of Google+ will not affect your Google My Business (GMB) listing – they are separate entities. Any reviews you’ve accumulated on your business through Google relate to your GMB listing, not your Google+ page. So if your Google+ page is deleted, your reviews will still be available on GMB.

Whilst Google+ may be going, GMB Posts are just getting started. It may not be a social network but it does present a great opportunity to post content in a way that is more discoverable and more likely to capture your target audience’s attention.

How the closing down of Google+ will affect your natural search rankings really is anyone’s guess but we don’t believe it will have a negative impact!

Do I need to do anything to my Account?

Google are suggesting that users download any content on their account they wish to keep, before the platform closes on 2 April 2019. Whether you delete your profile entirely or let Google remove it when the time comes is up to you.

We would suggest that businesses remove any reference or buttons to their Google+ page from their website, email signatures etc., to maintain a professional and current image.

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