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Why should you tailor your writing style for each social media platform?

20 November 2018

Adam Richards

Managing Director

Like a region or a country, each of the social media platforms has it’s own language and etiquette. Ensuring that you understand and abide by this style is crucial to a successful social media strategy. There is no point writing a great post, if it is not written in the right style or format for the platform you are posting on.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to post the same content across all social media sites without tailoring it. Some platforms allow you to share a post from one platform to another and whilst this seems an easy way to provide content on another platform, it can be detrimental to your social media strategy. Success in social media is all about the language that we use and being present in the individual platforms and sharing content strips this all out.

Whilst it is crucial that you tailor your content to the individual social media platform, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to come up with new content for each platform. You just need to tailor it to each and make sure you are customizing your writing style to your audience.

Your success in social media will depend largely on mastering the kind of content and language for each platform. To help you along we have provided this brief guide to the four main social media platforms for businesses.


“Tweets” are designed to be to the point! When Twitter was originally created there was a character limit (140 characters, however last year this was upped to 280 characters) and it is considered good practice to keep to this. Twitter is not the place to waffle, you need to write short and snappy posts, which stand out. Whilst the use of hashtags relevant to your post are a good way to be discovered, your post should not be littered with them, so it becomes unreadable.


Facebook was created as a way to network with friends and still retains this community feeling. It’s about connecting with people, communicating and building relationships. Posts need to be engaging, personable and encourage interaction from the audience.


LinkedIn is for businesses, so your posts need to be professional and informative. Posts need to read well and be functional. This is the place to provide colleagues background information and credentials about the company to establish relationships with other companies in your industry.


Instagram is all about the photo. So your photos must be good quality and interesting. Posts need to be kept short, but be descriptive and be visually appealing through the use of relevant emojis. Hashtags are necessary for your posts to be found, but should be hidden towards the end, so the text is easy to read.

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