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Why Twitter is still relevant for your business

23 June 2021

Adam Richards

Managing Director

There is no doubt that Twitter provides us with many hours of excitement (Donald Trump getting banned), news updates, hilarious parenting jokes, viral trends and more. However, with Twitter slowly sliding down the rankings of top social platforms, how relevant is Twitter in 2021?

More importantly, how relevant is Twitter for your business?

Twitter marketing is complex, given its short life span, real-time engagement and challenging character limit. Twitter however still proves to be a powerhouse platform offering marketers a great opportunity to engage in word-of-mouth marketing and increase online reach and awareness by staying relevant and being part of the conversation.

But don’t take our word for it, let’s look at the latest statistics on how to market effectively on Twitter:

5 Statistical Reasons to use Twitter in 2021

  • Twitter has 192 million daily active users

    While these figures are no way near the likes of Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, your business can still use Twitter to optimise your social strategy. Social listening, monitoring industry news or simply broadcasting during a live event, will keep your customers connected and informed.

  • 67% of all B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool

    There is still a significant number of users to target with hashtags, ad engagement and marketing tactics. Share business updates to show customers you are relevant, for example the health & safety precautions you are taking to keep customers safe during COVID-19.

  • 1.9 Million tweets relate to small business and some of the most frequently used hashtags used are #shoplocal and #smallbusiness

    In 2021 supporting your local business is more important than ever. Start a conversation with your community or join relevant conversations to increase your brand’s visibility. Show your customers who is the team behind your brand, and create unique, shareable stories (what you do to fight climate change, where you source sustainable products etc.), to increase visibility and engagement.

  • Twitter witnessed a 62% year-on-year increase in video views

    Twitter has invested in features such as promote videos, mobile video uploads and live video, providing your business with yet another opportunity to create awareness and connect with your target audience. Videos allow you to post longer form content, link to your YouTube channel or blog and connect with your viewers on a more personal level.

  • 50% of Twitter users reported purchasing products after seeing it on Twitter

    The ultimate goal of any social strategy is to drive traffic to your blog, products or services. Here are 5 actionable tweet ideas to do just that:

  • Use short, creative tweets with 100 characters or less

  • Use quotes from your blog to grab attention

  • Include statistics or “Did you know” phrases

  • Use relevant @mentions and #hashtags to spread the word

  • Ask questions related to your topic and start a conversation.

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