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Will AI make marketing agencies better?

2 October 2023

Adam Richards

Managing Director
marketing agency winchester

In the world of marketing, where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the game, there’s a critical debate stirring. As we integrate AI into our strategies, will we agencies get better, will our work get better and most importantly will results for our clients improve? Also important, will it save us so much time that we can return to the long, leisurely lunches of the marketing heyday?

AI’s role in marketing has been transformative, offering unprecedented efficiency in data analysis and campaign management. Yet, as we integrate these sophisticated tools, there’s an underlying fear – will marketing lose its creative essence to algorithms and data patterns? This is the balancing act facing all agencies: leveraging AI’s power without becoming a slave to the algorithms and losing creativity. If we don’t get this right what is the impact going to be on our end audiences?

Here at Waypoint, we’ve employed AI for various aspects of marketing, including blog writing – yes I have used it here, can you spot which bits? While AI has proven itself covering general topics, it faces hurdles when delving into the more technical areas some of our clients operate in. It also has limitations when it comes to using a brand voice and personality. Let’s be honest it’s great but to be able to do all this as well would be nothing short of miraculous. The good news is that marketeers still have a role to play, the role is just changing, we can still use our expertise to guide, refine, contextualise, and inject creativity into AI-generated content.

If AI is embraced well by agencies, it promises to deliver better, more efficient work. However, failing to use AI or using it poorly can lead to lazy, formulaic marketing that potentially disenchants audiences. It’s a fine balancing act as consumers are savvy these days. Joe Public is no longer surprised when re-targeted on google, they have begrudgingly accepted that conversations they have in earshot of their phones lead to targeted ads. However, consumer patience is being tested and AI will push this further, we need to use it responsibly to avoid consumer disinterest at best rebellion at worst.

Like most marketers I went into this industry to create work that counts, we’re committed to authenticity and tailored communications. We don’t just use AI; we refine and tailor its output, ensuring each piece resonates with the intended audience. Our goal is to blend AI’s analytical capabilities with our team’s creative insights, striking a balance between efficiency and the personal touch.

In the not-so-distant future, AI might be the new normal, but the agencies that will lead the charge will be those that have mastered the art of blending AI’s analytical brilliance and human creativity. As AI continues to evolve, marketing agencies that adeptly integrate these tools, without losing sight of creativity and personalisation, will lead the charge. The future of marketing is not about choosing between AI and human creativity; it’s about merging the two to create campaigns that are both data-driven and heart-driven.

So, will AI make marketing agencies better? Yes, if we embrace it, upskill quickly and use it appropriately. Clients will benefit as the work will be better. Will the long lunches come back? Sadly, not any time soon. If anything, AI is keeping us on our toes and keeping complacency at bay by giving us a wakeup call. It’s exciting to embrace a new chapter and make sure that AI has a positive influence on marketing. We owe it to our clients and their customers. So the long lunches may have gone but we have Deliveroo now so it’s all good!

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