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Will short-form marketing videos continue to dominate digital marketing in 2022

11 January 2022

Adam Richards

Managing Director

As we enter the New Year, one marketing trend which dominated 2021 and looks set to continue its popularity with audiences is short-form marketing videos.


Easy to digest and effortless to watch, short-form marketing video serves as the prevalent way for audiences to consume content on social media, websites and live screens.

TikTok started the trend, but the popularity of this impactful, attention-grabbing, and engaging video content has taken the digital marketing world by storm and so now all the major social media platforms have jumped on the bandwagon. From Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts, with recently Pinterest joining in with their video-first feature called “Idea Pins”.

One of the main reasons that short-form marketing video is so popular, is because there is so much information available now and so audiences have taught themselves to focus on things for very short bursts of time. Therefore a clip of 30 seconds or less will get a lot more attention than the lengthy, in-depth videos of the past.

What is a short-form marketing video?

A video up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length is considered short form. But because each platform, from Twitter to Tik Tok to Instagram Reels, offers different algorithms and time limits, lengths vary from platform to platform.

The goal of a short-form marketing video is to help your audience engage with your brand without exhausting their time and so videos need to be short, engaging and effective. As they can be produced in less time, they offer more flexibility and can be used more creatively. They are also not just limited to their own setting, as you can post short-form video as a post on the “normal” social media channels.

For any business hoping to capitalise on social media marketing they simply cannot afford to ignore short-term videos in their marketing plan

Waypoint Digital Marketing

With all the options for short-term video these days, there’s little reason not to use it particularly if you want to engage with younger customers. If you would like to use short-term video to raise awareness for your brand, Waypoint Digital Marketing specialises in delivering short-form marketing videos as part of a broader strategic marketing plan.

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