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A new website for Robert Rigby Architects

10 August 2018

Adam Richards

Managing Director

As we have discussed previously in blogs, your website has milliseconds to grab the attention of visitors and if it doesn’t, then you have lost that prospective customer! It needs to be attractive and have the right wording, which doesn’t require the reader to think too hard.


We have just launched a new website for our client Robert Rigby Architects, based in Reading, Berkshire. Robert Rigby Architects is an established RIBA Chartered Architects Practice that has been designing, drawing and developing new homes, extensions and residential developments for over 22 years.

The purpose of the website is to generate new enquiries from private clients by showcasing its stunning and eclectic portfolio of properties.

Robert Rigby Architects offers a broad spectrum of architectural design development to suit individual clients’ specific tastes, combined with a strong technical, planning and project management capability. Therefore, the new website needed to convey this breadth of offering whilst also demonstrating the depth of their professionalism, skill and experience.

A significant challenge for the Waypoint team was to put together the property portfolio, creating description copy for each one and selecting and optimising the images. Making sure website images are described, have the relevant alt tags and are correctly sized are all crucial for search engine optimisation.

With over 40 properties in the London, Berkshire and the Thames Valley, and each property needing 5-10 photos, that is a lot of image optimisation!

Working closely with the Robert Rigby Architects team we gathered and uploaded images for all the properties, optimised them for the web and created approximately 100 words of description for each property.


We also conducted a couple of professional photo shoots for properties to fill the gaps.

Previously on Joomla, the new Robert Rigby Architects website has been built on Squarespace which is a fully hosted and secure CMS system and wonderfully simple to manage and update. We think it looks great and it renders very elegantly on all devices and screen sizes.

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