A week in the life of Waypoint - where digital marketing is hands on!

At Waypoint we believe that successfully generating leads is all about building strong relationships between our clients, their prospects and us.

That is why our approach is so much more than sitting in an office planning strategy, writing copy and designing marketing tools.

To really understand our clients and their line of business we like to spend as much time as possible with them and their customers, in order that we can truly operate as their in-house marketing team.

Because of the diverse nature of our clients no week is ever the same.

We started last week running a promotion at a large exhibition in London and finished it by visiting a farm in rural Hampshire. In between we conducted a photo shoot for a new website and designed a new email campaign for a client who unblocks drains and sewers!

At Waypoint, digital marketing is very much hands on!

If you are looking to generate leads and need help in developing and delivering your marketing strategy please get in touch at info@waypointdigitalmarketing.com or call 01962 862760.