Animation launched for Haworth Castings

Animation is an excellent medium for explaining complex processes in an informative and interesting way. It is certainly more engaging for the viewer than reading flat copy on a page.

Haworth Castings has commissioned Waypoint to produce a series of short animations which describe the various stages of the casting process.

The marketing idea behind this campaign is to demonstrate visually Haworth's technical expertise and skill in the manufacture of aluminium sand castings and to provide visitors with further impetus to get in touch. It also engages the visitor on entering the site, encouraging them to look around and view more pages - again with the objective of driving more enquiries.

To date the animation is averaging 5 viewings a day with an average watch time of 1 minute or 71% of the length of the animation which is well above average. The animation is hosted on the Haworth Castings YouTube site and embedded on the home page of their website

For the right target audience, short imaginative video animation clips are a really impactful and cost-effective way of getting your message across. 

Waypoint is a Winchester marketing company specialising in delivering marketing strategy, content development and lead generation. For more information please get in touch at or call 01962 862760.



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