Case study - Haworth Castings

Haworth Castings came to us to help them generate more new business leads and increase the return on their marketing investment. Our aim was to increase the number of annual new business website enquiries from 10 to 100 in 12 months.

In addition, we targeted a number 1 ranking status for their top 3 keyword phrases in the major search engines while simultaneously reducing expenditure on Google Adwords.

The marketing strategy was to drive more traffic to the website and, once there, increase the proportion of visitors becoming customers. We developed a thorough program incorporating search engine optimisation, website design to make the site responsive  (mobile friendly), simplified navigation and multi-layered content marketing.

Haworth Castings' online performance improved dramatically. It was soon ranked number 1 on Google for five of its top keyword phrases, traffic to the website grew, average time spent on the site increased and the number of people bouncing straight off the site was reduced by 11%.

As a result, the core objective of achieving over 100 new business enquiries in the first 12 months was met. 

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