Cost-effective professional photography key for website optimisation

Cost Effective Photography

Yesterday, we had a good morning taking shots for Haworth Castings’ refreshed website.

In my mind arriving on a website with generic library photography is a big switch-off. It immediately puts a variety of negative thoughts in your head about the company's size, personality (or lack of) and their attention to detail.

The argument that photography is expensive and therefore prohibitive is simply not true. Nowadays getting high quality shots to reflect your company’s key messages and core values is really straightforward and can be done cost-effectively in a mornings work.

The key point above is knowing what your key messages are and which customers you are trying to reach. If you have this clear in your head with a well thought through digital marketing strategy then you will have a clear vision of what shots you need before arriving on site.

In summary good professional bespoke photography that links to your core messages is key part of website optimisation, giving your visitors the right first impression and increasing your lead generation probability.

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