Does social media marketing work?

By Hayley Coello

In short, yes if part of an integrated marketing plan.

It will not work in isolation and has to be connected to everything you communicate as a business.

At the heart of effective social media marketing is interesting and engaging content. 

Just as good and bad news spreads quickly, if your content is boring no one will bother to read or share it.

Audience building

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that the more followers they have on Facebook, Instagram and the like, the more leads they will generate.

Amassing followers should not be a strategy in itself.

Yes, you need an audience to read your posts but the most important thing is that they are potential leads or know someone who could be.

Building an audience takes time and it is important to follow a standard methodology or it won’t happen. Every incoming business contact, whether by email, phone or on the street, must become a social connection.

These contacts may not be looking for your products or services now, but by remaining in touch with them via social channels, when they do you will be top of mind.

Publishing and sharing content

Everyone loves to share information especially if they think no one else knows it!  

Whether a naughty secret or special offer, sharing information is part of our social DNA.

Social media marketing works in exactly the same way.

As shared in a previous blog, regularly publishing interesting, relevant and engaging content on your website and social media channels, will drive additional visitors and generate leads.

More visitors to your website will help your SEO rankings which in turn will attract more visitors!

Therefore, social media marketing is inextricably linked to content marketing which in turn helps your search engine marketing (SEM).

In conclusion

Yes, social media marketing does work, whether you are a B2C or B2B business, but must be part of an integrated marketing plan.

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