Google My Business Listing

Appearing on Google, when customers are looking for the goods or services you provide, is critical for any business. But if you want to stand out from your competitors and give your business a public identity and presence, you need to do more than just appear on search with a basic listing.


Google My Business enables companies to optimise their Google search listing. It allows you to add vital information about your business, such as business hours and reviews, to make it easy for people to find out information. You can also add photos of your product and business to attract people.

A Google My Business listing means that your business will show up on Search, Maps and Google+ and will therefore improve your rankings and maximise your Google exposure.

New features are constantly being added by Google to help businesses maximise local search capabilities and take business listings to the next level. The recent Google post facility, means businesses can now post social media type posts to promote special events, showcase products or highlight special offers. They’re still fairly underutilised, making them a great way to set yourself apart from other local businesses


The question and answer feature has been created to maximise information available about a business and allows visitors to ask questions or concern they might have prior to visiting your business, or even before going to your website. This highlights how crucial it is for a business to be active as there is potential for there to be inaccurate information on your listing if you haven’t responded.

The same applies to photos. If you as a business have not posted any photos, then the only photos available on your listing might be ones that customers have submitted. Whilst customer photos can be beneficial, they might not be professional quality and showcasing the corporate image you desire.

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