How to engage with your audience though video

Video is an essential tool for digital marketing. It allows you to share information in an easy to digest, interesting and engaging format and can convey an appropriate emotional tone in a way that text or an image alone can’t manage.

Importantly, it also helps with the online search visibility of your company and will attract more prospects to visit your website.

We recently produced a video for our client Strictly Education for their annual staff conference. Strictly Education needed to showcase their services and highlight the positive impact their services had on their customers.

The video needed to look slick and professional but be produced on a tight timescale and budget. Work involved sourcing and arrangement of the interviewees, location, briefing and coaching and then the editing to ensure the video conveyed the message Strictly Education wanted to get across.

Video is very effective, entertaining and immersive experience that helps viewers forge a positive, emotional association with your brand, but only if done correctly. A poorly produced or bad content video can portray your brand in a negative way.

It was imperative that the video produced the professional image of Strictly Education, whilst also showing a human element. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after the video was played, so it was safe to say the video did its job.

You can view the video below.

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