Will purchasing multiple domain names improve my SEO?

We are frequently asked this question and the short answer is NO!

If it were true, then the companies with the deepest pockets would win by simply hoovering up all the domain names containing their keywords. They don’t do this because it doesn’t work and the google and other search engine algorithms are far subtler and more sophisticated.

The domain name is just one of many factors affecting how your web pages are ranked but at the top of good SEO practice list is having good content.

Good content = good rankings.

If you think about SEO through the lens of good content, then it becomes even clearer that having a domain name that does not have its own content (ie. a website) but instead redirects to another domain’s website, will not be viewed highly by the search engines. Indeed, it might well have a negative impact.

By having a domain name that points to another domain name you are sending a direct message to the search engines that that domain name no longer exists.

The only value of purchasing multiple domains is if you are in a highly competitive market and you don’t want your competitors to have them! Secondly, if you have a very long domain name which is difficult to remember or type in, then you might want to purchase a shorter version and point it at your original domain.

The key message here is that purchasing multiple domains doesn’t matter for SEO if your site is built well and full of relevant, interesting and current content. If you are trying to increase traffic to your site improving its content is the key thing to focus on.

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